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Mother and Baby

welcome to WISE HIVE

You are in a good company

All in one Paediatric Therapy Platform

We help children with developmental delays or disorders to thrive

through proven specialist therapy programmes delivered by

a multidisciplinary team of the best therapists.

Don't worry, we got you! We are the only parent lead service and a safe place where every child gets the best support for their unique needs. 

Small Steps Charity

Conductive education


Dymanic Movement Intervention
Aquatic Therapy
Speech and Language Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Music Therapy
CIMT and upperbody therapy
Galileo Whole Body Therapy
Mollii Suite
Lego Therapy
Immersive Story Therapy

Clinical Child Psychologist

Ruth Jacobs

Speech and language therapy


Occupation Therapy,
Speech and Language Therapy,
Educational Psychologist,
Clinical Psychology,
Autism Assessment,
Baby Development Screening

Physio Baby


Georgina Baker

Speech and language therapy

Alice Speech and Language

Speech and language therapy

Children's Physio


The Children's Place

Speech and language therapy, Occupation therapy, ABA therapy

Michael Palin Centre

Speech and language therapy (Stammer)

The London Speech and Feeding Practice

Speech and language therapy, Feeding

Here you will

Working on Laptop

Find the best therapists

We have the best people. Highly qualified professionals that other parents are raving about.


The best support.


Book an appointment

Get seen quickly and schedule appointments to fit your schedule including out of office hours.


No waiting time.

Speech Therapy

Access online therapy 

24/7 online therapy services and at home learning programme tailored to your child's needs.


Anytime, anywhere. 

“I want my child to get the best early intervention therapy without delay"

Helen, London

We offer holistic, multidisciplinary services

Young Dance Students


Gross motor skills, movement disorders and physical developmental delays

Speech Therapist

Speech and Language therapy

From attention, listening and understanding to speech pronunciation

Stacking Blocks

Occupational therapy

Support in play skills, ability to carry out everyday activities and sensory processing

Super Hero Kids

Our vision is to make the best children's therapy services available, accessible, safe and fun

Help us to bring this vision to life so that all children can benefit from the best early intervention therapy services.

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